Uganda drew 2-2 with Libya last evening after Harold Wanyama drew with Candidate Master Mohammed Elabruin on board one, youngster Patrick Kawuma put in a spirited performance to outwit a highly rated FIDE Master Charani Ibrahim on board two.

Earlier, Bob Bibasa had fought gallantly to escape with a draw against Ben Naser Kalid after a sloppy start in which he committed an opening blunder that saw his King exposed precariously after only five moves.  Onlookers had clearly written off Bibasa's game with his King laid bare, unable to castle and Rooks trapped in opposite corners for the bigger part of the game, everyone was surprised when he finally disentangled himself from the opponents attack which had an artillery of Queen,  Bishops and Rooks in an open position.

The lowest moment for Uganda was the nature of FM Stephen Kawuma's first loss at the Olympiad at the hands of Elsabri Hussin. Kawuma had his opponent on the edge for the bigger part of the game and should at worst have drawn the game but when he sensed an opportunity to win, he went for it and instead made an error in the dying minutes. The emotions were high as he was simply unconsolable after the game, apologising to team-mates for not having accepted a draw offer when his opponent offered it (at a time when it should have secured the necessary win for the team).

Considering the nature of the loss, it is only prudent that he is fielded again in todays game against Monaco if only to hand him an opportunity to get such a loss out of the system. 

After 7 rounds, Patrick Kawuma (who is playing board two) is the surprise package has so far put up the best performances for Uganda after registering 4 wins out of the 6 games he has played so far. Elder brother Steven Kawuma has 3 points out of 5 games (including two wins, two draws and one loss), Wanyama has 3 points out of 7 games (on board one), Bibasa has 2 points out of 5 games and Kantinti (clearly off form by his standards and previous performances) has 1 point out of 5.

The team has so far secured two wins, one draw and four losses.

Ukraine is leading the Men's standings unbeaten with six wins and a draw, followed by Russia and Hungary at six wins and one loss each.

This time round the mode of scoring at the Olympiad has been changed with any win (irrespective of whether its a 4-0 or 2.5-1.5) granting the winning team 2 points and a draw 1 point, while a loss is zero, just like it used to be in foot ball back in time.

Also, teams have been lumped into various groups and Uganda is in group E where we are competing with Zambia, Kenya, Honduras, Ethiopia, Ghana, Sao Tome, Cameroon among others. We are currently lying 7th in our group at 5 points while the group leader Zambia is on 6 points.

Uganda still stands a good chance of winning the group if only the boys can get back to winning ways starting this afternoon against Monaco. There are four rounds left to the end of the Olympiad.

In today's game against Monaco, captain Stephen Kisuze has fielded Harold Wanyama on board one againstJean Francois 9rated 2238), Patrick Kawuma on board two against FM Van Hoolandt Patrick and FM Steven Kawuma on board four against Ribbergren Karl Johan.

Rest Day in Khanty Mansiysk PDF 

This day came in handy for most teams, as they used the time off to have a feel of the city of Khanty Mansiysk. Many players had not got a chance to go out since, the tournament got underway immediately after arrival.

The city appears to be new the roads, gardens, parks, shopping centers all seem to have been finnished recently. Our photographer managed to capture a few memorable shots for you. Enjoy!

How does centenary park compare to this park!?




By Vianney Luggya in Khanty Mansiysk

Uganda’s UK based FM Steven Kawuma made history at the 39th World Chess Olympiad in Khanty Mansisyk after becoming the first Ugandan to beat a Grandmaster at the Olympaid when he downed Argentina’s GM Diego Valerga with a Kings Indian defence in round three.

The only other major historical feats attained by Ugandan chess players against Grandmasters at past Olympiads include draws by Grace Nsubuga against GM Evgni Sveshnikov of Latvia in 2004 and Emmanuel Kabuye against GM Eugene Torre of Philipines in 1988.

Uganda Chess Team Takes On Seychelles

The other spectacular performances in Khanty Mansisyk (2010) so far include Bob Bibasa’s first round draw against Switzerland’s International Master Buss Ralph in a Sicilian Alapin opening and Harold Wanyama’s draw against Faroe Island’s IM John Rodgaard in a game that took on a Queens Gambit (Slav) defence. Wanyama seemed comfortable through out the game and displayed immense skill and composure as he attacked his opponent with consistency and determination, using only 30 minutes of his allotted time while the IM was left with only 2 minutes on his clock by the time they agreed to a draw in a theoretically drawn ending.

In round one, Uganda’s Men’s team was up against highly rated Switzerland. On board one, Wanyama lost a good game against Switzerland’s GM Pelletier Yannick, Patrick Kawuma lost to International Master (IM) Roland Ekstroem, Shadrack Kantinti lost to IM Oliver Kurmann as Bob Bibasa made Uganda proud with a calm display that earned him a draw against IM Ralph Buss who is rated 2433 as compared to Bibasa’s 2189.

In round two, the boys were out with all guns blazing to register a 4-0 win over Seychelles. Wanyama, Patrick Kawuma, Kantinti and Steven Kawuma all notched wins against Seychelles’ Kurt Meier, Ragul Pillay, Kasthuri Vinayagamurthy and Eli Louise respectively.

The win put Uganda in the path of more fancied and Grandmaster studded Argentina in the third round to whom the team lost 1-3. FM Steven Kawuma was the hero on that occasion after beating Argentina’s Grandmaster Diego Valerga. On other boards, Wanyama, Patrick Kawuma and Kantinti all fell at the hands of Grandmasters Diego Flores, Peralta Fernando and Lafuente Pablo respectively. Amongst the losers, Wanyama had a much better game having had his highly skilled opponent on the receiving end for a bigger part of the game only to crumple in the end game.

The results of this round, especially Kawuma’s win against a Grandmaster instilled self belief and confidence in the team. In the past, the mere knowledge that a Ugandan was up against a Grandmaster was enough to instill fear and anxiety. Kawuma’s spectacular win demystified that and could be a springboard for other players to emulate his feat.

In round 4, Uganda hammered Surinam 3.5 – 1.5 after Wanyama, P. Kawuma and Bibasa outwitted Gajan Dewperkash, Franklin Mungroo and Willem Veer while S. Kawuma was held by Hanoeman Suradj.

Their was a much bigger challenge in the fifth round against Faroe Island, a team that Uganda has faced at many of the past Olympiads. The final score was 3-1 in favour of the Islanders after Wanyama and S. Kawuma forced draws against IM J. Rodgaard and FM samuelsen Nolsoe respectively as Kantinti and Bibasa fell at the hands of Berg Olaf and Jolaf Andreasen.


In the sixth round to be played later in the afternoon on Monday 27th September 2010, Uganda’s mens team was up against Yemen while the ladies were up against Panama.

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