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Saturday, 11 February 2012 15:38

By Christopher Turyahabwe

Uganda's Chess Team team trounced their hosts Nairobi Chess Club by a whoping 4-0 in the first round to defy the energy usurping long trip from Kampala to Nairobi the night before. The match is taking place under the auspices of Nairobi Chess Club and is sanctioned by Kenya Chess Association. In a Scheveningen system where a total of eight rounds shall be played,  each player from one team shall play against all the players on the other team, Uganda registered a vital 4 points to go into a commanding lead. Additional reporting by Christopher the leader of the delegation follows below.

In the spirit of board one at Lugogo Tenis Club under the chairmanship of Engineer Kasaija I find it very rewarding and fulfilling to report to the entire chess community in Uganda in particular that the Mighty chess players of Nairobi Chess club were given a splendid appreciation by being slashed 4-0 for the very good welcome and hospitality they accorded Team Uganda after jetting-in (by bus) in Westlands a posh suburb of Nairobi.

The Ugandan team comprising of Wanyama Harold (famously referred to as animals),Bob Bibasa (the famous tactician), Arthur Ssegwanyi(The renowned universal player) and Haruna Nsubuga the new kid on the block were received by Mr. Peter Gilruth who settled them in, in yet another classic place, Ruaka zone. This came with Wanyama taking the lead against the most fragile player one Mehul Gohil who succumbed after Harold sacked a bishop for a pawn advantage in what was seemingly an either or position in the tight end game. This was followed by Bob Bibasa's win following a better position and pawn advantage.

As if that was not enough Haruna Nsubuga who had sacrificed a piece for position advantage trounced on the most senior and highly rated player of the day, Mr. Peter Gilruth. This brought Haruna Nsubuga to being the tactician of the day though his advantage could have been wind-assisted given the fact that Mr Gilruth had a disturbing bronchitis. The comfortable 3-lead win was then cemented by a late win from Arthur who put Magana Ben into a classical square squeeze.

This was indeed a good thank you to our brothers of Nairobi chess club in the chess language that they surely understand best.

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