Technical meeting Online chess olympiad
Saturday, 01 August 2020 06:41


Chess team Uganda attended a virtual FIDE online Olympiad technical meeting held on 30th July 2020. The online zoom meeeting was chaired by the event Chief Arbiter, Alex Holwczak, who introduced other arbiters and emphasised the event regulations.

After the technical meeting and team briefing by team captain Okas Walter, team Uganda players met at a central location in Ntinda, played and won a test match against the Syria and Cyprus teams in preparation for the main event.


Team Captain Okas walter (standing) preparing team Uganda chess players at the central location in Ntinda

UCF executive opted to use a central location to ensure players have a condusive atmosphere, with access to internet, real time technical assistance, meals  and also ensure that COVID 19 SOPs are observed in a comfortable venue for the players. UCF is a player focused federation and  takes pride in ensuring that players needs are prioritized. The players that do not have internet access and condusive tournament play facilities , therefore will commute to the Ntinda central location, while others will play remotely from the comfort of their homes. All players will be connected on Zoom as well during the event progress. The players that feature in the daily matches shall receive a players allowance to ensure others needs are catered for as well.


The Chess team Uganda was selected through an online qualifier but due to the COVID 19 pandemic situation, some key players missed out. During such hard times it is difficult for players to seek leave from work. Several sectors in Uganda have laid off workers during this period and therefore persons still working consider the jobs a priority during such a trying time therefore players can be excused under such circumstances

Team Uganda will play against Mozambiquein in the first Online Chess Olympiad match scheduled for 31st July 2020.

FIDE the world chess governing body is running a social media campaign to popularize chess and tweeted the message below.


UCF continues to be the most vibrant sports federation during uganda, playing several online events and ensuring the Uganda flag is held high in the international sports space. The Uganda chess community is encouraged to support the team Uganda in the online chess olympiad.

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